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Daniel Monroe is a well known evidential Psychic Medium from the Pacific Northwest! Daniel has not only helped himself heal from his struggling past but has helped thousands of people by conducting private readings, connecting to spirit in large audiences during his live show "Hello from Heaven" all throughout the Pacific Northwest and also teaching others to connect with their gifts on a deeper level!


Kori, aside from being a Hypnotherapist and Rachael, a Massage Therapist, have both gone through intensive training by Psychic Medium Daniel Monroe and are his only two Master Mentors! They have not only trained in making the connection to you and your Guides and Angels bringing in the messages to help you along your journey in this life but vow to have high integrity and to deliver their messages with love, light, healing and honesty!

Kori not only has trained with Psychic Medium Daniel Monroe but has also trained in dealing with trauma and the roller coaster of life!


Kori is not only down to earth but brings her real-life experiences and loving intuitive energy to each reading. During your time with Kori her messages will not only provide guidance in your life but provide the compassion and love that our soul is missing and struggling to find.

Blending her training with Psychic Medium Daniel Monroe with her knowledge of Astrology and energy healing, Rachael is not only intuitive but highly empathic.

Rachael not only reads into past karmic energy that is holding you back but brings forward present hurdles and struggles you are facing and how to get to the bright future that is in alignment with your souls higher good, leaving you with the knowledge and guidance that your Guides and Angels are waiting to relay!

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